Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy pertains to the information collected from users of the Cornucopia Website, (hereafter Nuco-Comic), and details the nature, storage, and usage of this information.

Data Collection and Storage

Nuco-Comic uses the privacy-compliant, open source analytics software Piwik to gather certain non-personally-identifying data about Nuco-Comic visitors. This data includes info supplied by the user-agent header, the anonymized IP address, duration of site visit, referrers, date and time of site visit, country of origin, downloads from the site, and language preference.

Use of Data

Piwik uses the data it collects for Nuco-Comic to automatically generate informational charts and reports. Usage information is only accessible to the Nuco-Comic site owners and is used to better understand our visitors, the devices used to access this website, which channels generate the most site traffic, whether new readers are accessing the site, and general trends in readership. This in turn allows us to improve the site and find new ways to attract viewers.

User data logs are permanently deleted from the Nuco-Comic database after 180 days.


Piwik uses Javascript and 1st party cookies (from to collect information about users of the site. If you do not want Nuco-Comic to store cookies on your computer, set your browser to reject cookies or disable Javascript. Clearing/refusing cookies will not impact your experience of the website. The purpose of these cookies is to more accurately identify repeat visitors and the number of days between their subsequent visits.

Javascript is used to detect the user-agent data previously specified. Piwik's tracking script can be blocked by certain ad blockers such as uBlock, with no impact on site experience for end users. In the event this script is blocked or Javascript is otherwise disabled, Piwik will use a tracking pixel instead.


This site uses IntenseDebate, embedded discussion software developed by Automattic, to allow for commenting functionality on comic pages. The use of this commenting feature, at your sole discretion, indicates your acceptance of Automattic's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

IntenseDebate stores the email address of commenters who supply an email on the comment form or who authenticate using IntenseDebate,, or Twitter credentials, as well as the IP address of all commenters. These are viewable by Nuco-Comic's administrators when editing or moderating comments and are used only for blacklisting spammers and viewing recent logged in site visitors. Email and IP addresses are not publically visible and are stored on IntenseDebate's servers.

Changes to This Policy

This Privacy Policy may undergo minor updates at any time without notice, at the site owners' sole discretion. Your continued use of Nuco-Comic constitutes your acceptance of these terms. Check this page often if you're super into privacy policies or whatever.


Nuco-Comic is owned by Brendan Blaber and the website is managed by his dumb little sister Plasterbrain.

Email: quinoa [at] nuco-comic [dot] com


Nuco-Comic respects your browser's Do Not Track preference by default. Alternatively, you can safely opt out of being tracked on Nuco-Comic using the checkbox below: