Cornucopia (or Nuco for short) was a comedy/slice of life/action-adventure comic about a ninja named Hiccup, some other people, and their adventures across the titular continent of Cornucopia, where all of the countries are named after food but not necessarily made of them!

As of this moment, Nuco currently has no plans for future updates. I'm currently focused on Epithet Erased, an ongoing series of web animations and published novels. Epithet, along with YouTube work and my voice acting career, take up too much of my time. If you liked this goofy little webcomic, then I hope you'll check out some of the other things I make!

The Author

Brendan Blaber, a writer, voice actor, and video-maker based out of Los Angeles. You can follow his current projects on his personal twitter or the official twitter account for his current main project, Epithet Erased..

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