Chapter 2, Page 8

This page's script reads: Hiccup is happy to run with the lizards. This is cute.

Fun Nuco Fact:

The Land of Spices has a lot of small shrubs and plant life with flavorful bark and buds that can be ground down into a spice, kind of like cinnamon! These plants use the wind to spread their seeds, so they have evolved in a way that allows the wind could easily erode their outer bark. Because of this, the sand in the LoSpices contains a lot of tasty plant-dust in it! There's not a lot of nutritional value, but it tastes good.

There are stories of desperate desert travelers running out of food and eating handfuls of sand as they go nuts in the hot sun. It's a bad sign if someone starts eating the sand out of desperation and should be treated with the same severity as someone seeing mirages and hallucinating water in a normal desert.