Hiccup is an easygoing and somewhat theatrical ninja who works for the Land of Salts. He acts cool but is surprisingly inept. Is currently undercover under the name "Yawn."

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The only competent knight in the Land of Sugars. Toffee might seem abrasive, but that’s just because she wants to inspire her subordinates to take their jobs as seriously as she does. She holds the rank of "Major."

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The scraggly groundskeeper of the Palace of Sugars. Spends most of her time inventing doodads and whatsits. Clearly reads too many comic books. Probably hasn't showered this week.

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Captain Generic

A doughy and loveable middle-aged knight. Acts as a friendly uncle to the rest of the palace staff. He’s a nice guy, but he’s not especially dependable when the going gets tough. Generic holds the rank of “Captain.”

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