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Chapter 1, Page 17

HICCUP: W-- wait, how did you print my likeness on this poster?


Hey readers, important announcement here:

I’m going to put Cornucopia on hiatus for awhile. While I love working on this comic, it takes about half my working hours and right now I simply can’t afford that. For those who don’t know my primary source of income is my YouTube channel, JelloApocalypse. The flagship series I’m trying to promote is called "So This is Basically", a series of semi-animated videos that parodies cartoons and games.

Producing a StiB video takes a lot of time, so I was hoping to hire other artists at an industry rate to produce the bulk of the visuals while I did the writing, story boarding, voice work, and editing. When I started Cornucopia it looked like I still had ad sponsorships lined up, which were previously providing the funds to pay other artists to keep my YT channel running while I worked half of the week and drew Nuco the other half. Unfortunately those sponsorships pulled out almost immediately after the comic launched. Whoops.

I started a Patreon to get the funds to pay my artists (and it’s been doing fairly well, but only about 1/5th of what I need). I imagine it would be doing better if I had regular updates, but as of right now it’s just impossible to make that happen since 50% of my time is dedicated to Nuco. Patreon works better when you have a consistent stream of content, but I can’t create that consistency unless I already have the funding. It’s a Catch 22.

And so I’ve decided to shelve Nuco for a little while. Just long enough for me to get StiB back to a consistent output level so that HOPEFULLY I can start the train of hiring secondary animators. Once we’ve got a consistent flow of funds from my YouTube channel again or I get another sponsorship integration I can return to Nuco, but that will probably take a month at the very least. You can follow my other projects on Twitter (@Welcome2Tweet) if you’re interested.

Thanks for your understanding! Excited to start up again in the future!