Hiatus Update

Hey there!

So as some of you know Nuco has been on hiatus for about two months so that I could focus on my YouTube channel, which is my day job. I'm a slow illustrator and dividing my attention between two huge projects all the time basically cut my earnings to 20% of what they could be and made working on Nuco very difficult. It was the worst of both worlds.

I've spent the past 6 months building up the funds to hire extra illustrators through video sponsors and support from my Patreon, and the good news is that it's finally paying off! This month I produced the first So This is Basically video with a guest illustrator in quite some time, and it's on its way to being a regular thing! We also just passed ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS and I'm getting some small-scale sponsorships again, which is good news for Nuco! I still write, voice, storyboard and animate the videos, so they are time-consuming, but the illustration process being outsourced basically gives me 2 weeks free every month instead of zero.

The comic isn't dead! (I've actually drawn a few more pages that haven't been released.) Right now I'm working on building up at least one month of buffer strips for Nuco so that when the comic starts up again I'll have at least four pages prepared in case I need to take a week off for business or medical reasons. I'm also doing all the artwork for the upcoming visual novel "Pizza Game" which will be out by the end of this summer, so that's taking up a good chunk of my time. You can learn more about Pizza Game here: (https://pizzawebsite.neocities.org/)

I know this hiatus has been long, and I apologize for that. It might even have to continue another month or more, but that's because once I start Nuco again I want to be able to keep working on it for a long time with no more hiatuses until the end of Chapter 1, so I'm taking every measure I can to make sure nothing will interrupt it once it resumes. That means I need a confirmed pipeline of animators (I'm close to that!) and a lot of pages finished beforehand so nothing can catch me off guard (working on it!).

Thank you for your patience! If you'd like to follow my other projects so you know I'm not just working on NOTHING all day, you can follow me on Twitter and YouTube. I sometimes stream when I'm working on Nuco or Pizza Game art, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Welcome2Tweet YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/JelloApocalypse